About Evergreen Wellness®


Why Evergreen Wellness®? Simple. We want to help you live evergreen for life.

We want you to drop the remote. Move a little. Breathe deeply. Expand your mind. Surprise yourself (and your special someone) now and then. 

Face it. It’s a youth-saturated world, focused on endless superhero movies, soft drinks, pop culture, and trendy clothes you wouldn’t be caught (ahem) in. But, let’s be real. The rest of us surely would appreciate a little space of our own. We have unique needs. Right people?

Founded and managed by Tampa-based Marketing In Color, Evergreen Wellness is an idea that came to us after experiencing retirement up close – while working for a major 55+ community here in Florida. To put it mildly …

We’re blown away by what retirement means today. 

Golf? Check. Shuffleboard? Check. But wait! Today’s retirees are also replacing front porch rockers with inline skates, bicycles, basketball hoops, computer and cooking classes, dance moves, social and travel clubs, theater acting, and a slew of other pastimes usually associated with younger people. The average state of mind keeps getting younger every year. 


We found the secret to life longevity just too good to keep to ourselves.

So, how is it people associated with life in the slow lane are suddenly able to do all these things? Because no one told them they couldn’t. They just choose to.

All it takes is a small desire. And a whole lot of inspire. That’s where we come in. By creating a place just for you to get your motivation. And what we’ve found isn’t so much about what we think is important to you. It’s about what you think is important to you. We know this, because a whole lot of you have reached out to us, wanting to join this little crusade of ours.  


Evergreen Wellness is a destination, where we help connect you with expert coaches to engage you …

… to help you be active and stay healthy – so you can live your most fulfilling life. That’s how you live evergreen.

Whether’s it’s about a famed fitness trainer, an outstanding nutritionist, or amazing people offering you Wellness Retreats to exotic getaways – or a whole lot of other information we hope you find useful – our intent is to become your go-to resource for everything your maturing lifestyle craves. 

If you think you’re not fit enough or interested enough or motivated enough to achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle, do yourself a favor and just take the first step. 


A more fulfilling life is closer than you think. And we’re here to do everything we can to equip you with what you need.

The choice is yours …

Do you want to live a life defined by doctor visits and a growing list of medications? Or do you want to join with others who are living their best lives today – through preventive, healthy lifestyle choices that feed you physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually?

Come on in, the water’s fine. See what it’s like to live evergreen. Or as the kids would say, #LiveEvergreen