Cycling warm up and cool down

To keep the body most stable, warming up and cooling down is imperative to an enjoyable and effective ride. Give the heart time to rise and descend before and after the workout.

Mark Hall, owner of Village Cycles, in The Villages® community in Florida, talks about warming up and cooling down when cycling.

The following is a transcript of the video:

Stretching is always a plus. Just about any exercise, stretching those muscles that you’re using is not a bad thing.

Warming up and cooling down – starting off at a lower pace and actually spinning a little bit more, and then building to your maximum, is proving to be a great way to enjoy your cycling experience.

Cooling down though is really important. the last mile or so, or half a mile at least, just go ahead and drop in the throttle a little bit, lowering your output –and spinning and cooling down allows the heart rate drop down and feel a lot better. Easier for the recovery.

Last updated: 09.27.2018

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