Cycling With Safety and Comfort In Mind

Your biking gear’s purpose isn’t to only make you look good, but to keep you safe as well. Take some time to understand the gear available to you, and choose the equipment that makes you feel as safe as possible when you’re out cycling.

Mark Hall, owner of Village Cycles, in The Villages® community in Florida, talks about the keys to comfort when cycling.

The following is a transcript of the video:

Safety is a key thing everybody should think about riding off-road or on road, around the neighborhood, or out on a 50-mile bike ride through the country.

We would highly encourage you to wear a helmet. If you do have long pants on, make sure that we do roll up the pants leg or put a band around to keep the pants leg from going into the chain.

Tuck our shoelaces in. Just a real simple thing I have my kids do. If they’re riding around the neighborhood, we tuck the shoe laces in – make sure they don’t get caught in a chain ring.

We want to make sure that the rider is safe, as far as having the right size bike, and their bike working correctly. Their gears, their breaks. The operations of bikes doing what it’s supposed to do – that we do select high visibility clothing. That we’ve got our helmet on and that it’s properly sized.
Off-road riding is very similar to road riding in that helmet safety is there. We stress gloves. We want to keep gloves on for multiple reasons. To vibration dampening, to as my hands get sweaty, to keep good grip on the bars. But also, if I do go down, it protects my hands.

Proper shoes. This is kind of a, you know, really important thing. I’m clipping into my pedals. So I want a very stiff shoe that protects my feet. We gain comfort and safety out of having the proper gear.

Folks look at our skinny seats and our road bikes and think how can that be comfortable. But when we’re properly sized and have the proper gear on, it’s incredibly comfortable. I can ride an hour or two or three hours without being uncomfortable.

Last updated: 08.14.2018

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