12 Steps to Learning to Waltz | Ballroom Dancing

Dancing is great for your well-being. It’s great or relationships and social interaction. Dancing burns calories and helps keep you fit. And, it offers a creative outlet for those who enjoy expressing themselves through dance artistry.

What’s more, dancing is fun. So find yourself a partner and enjoy the 12-Step instructions on learning to waltz – demonstrated by Professional Ballroom Dance Instructors Geri and John Conrad.


Learning to Waltz – The Basics

Learning the Four Basic Directions

Learning the Box Step

Learn Timing with the Box Step

Men, Lead with the Body; Women Follow the Man’s Shoulders

Turn Your Shoulders to Turn the Box Step

Putting All the Basics Together

Have an Maintaining a Good Posture

Hesitation Steps

Streamline Waltz

Forward Side Turn

Put it All Together

Last updated: 05.17.2019

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