Jaime Brenkus Quick Fit Tips: Dance the Inches Away

Evergreen Wellness® Fitness Coach Jaime Brenkus tells how how, when it comes to weight management, we can dance the inches away.

The following is a transcript of the video:

Now, ever wonder what dance workouts can do for your body? Dancing workouts will burn as many as, or more calories than, conventional workouts – with a number of additional benefits, physical and otherwise. The social nature of dancing will keep you motivated, music elevates your mood and engages your brain.

Dancing also improves your balance because you require to move in all different directions through space. Backwards, forwards, sideways, turning.

You want to burn lots of calories? Dance like no one is watching. Ballroom dances like the waltz and foxtrot and country line dancing, burns 300 calories per hour. And holding onto your partner promotes toned arms. And dancing in the heels makes your calves strong. The Tango Jitterbug and posadoble each burns 390 calories in an hour. And these dances sculpt arms your trunk and your thighs.

Salsa, hip-hop, and Zumba – each torches 500 calories an hour. And this lower body action will whittle your hips, waist, and your legs.

Now, here’s a rule of thumb. The higher the music’s beat per minute, the more calories burn. So, shall we dance?


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Last updated: 08.01.2018

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