Line Dancing Lessons: The Booty Call

The Twins, Margaret and Rose, demonstrate the Booty Call, part of their line dancing lessons which incorporates parts of the Electric Slide.

Margaret and Rose start off with a grapevine to the right, then to the left. They repeat the eight-count pattern. Then they step back for four counts, do a hop on five, then swing their right hips for four counts. They bump their right hips one more time, then they repeat the hip movement to the left for four counts.

The hardest section is the last pattern. They step forward with the right foot on one, kick the left forward on two, and do a coaster step, which is a change of direction. With the coaster step, they step back with their left, step right beside it then step forward on left. Repeat the pattern. Step, kick, back together, forward. If that step is a problem, do the cha cha instead. Do a slight turn to the right and start from the top.

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Last updated: 11.18.2017

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