Jaime Brenkus Quick Fit Tips: Firm Your Buns

Evergreen Wellness® Fitness Coach Jaime Brenkus wants to show you the right way to firm you buns.

The following is a transcript of the video:

Hi, everyone for Evergreen Wellness, I’m Jamie with your Quick Fit Tip.

That’s right, ladies. And guys. We all want a firmer, rounded, uplifted appearance in our derriere – our buns – or our tush.
Here’s three moves that you can do on a daily basis to ensure your buns will be perky. Do each of these exercises for 20 seconds and in a few minutes, those buns will be burning.

Do a butt lift first by keeping your legs straight and pushing the leg back, but not too high. That will put undue stress on your lower back. Next, bend the leg and push the leg back for a buns press.

Now, finish the process by doing a buns pulse. Don’t forget to squeeze those muscles tight as you perform each exercise. Now do these exercises daily for a few minutes and by the end of each month, you’ll have over 60 minutes of daily definition for your derriere for the next 30 days.


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Last updated: 09.03.2018

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