The Back Stroke: Easy and Elementary

The elementary back stroke is perfect for relaxation. With a simple movement, this workout helps the body to improve range of motion while also relaxing the muscles.

The following is a transcript of the video:

So the elementary backstroke – it’s a very relaxing basic stroke to learn when you’re on your back.

You start in a floating position on your back. Your head is relaxed. Your body is flat. The arms will come up the sides of the body together. They go out from the shoulders into a T-formation and then you press the hands down straight arms down to your side.

So the arm stroke itself is very simple. We usually call it an up, out, and down kind of a motion. But it’s a smooth continuous motion. The legs themselves are going to be doing it in conjunction with the arms. The feet drop underneath. You bend the knees. The ankles and the feet drop. Toes turn out. The feet turn out. And you actually do a half circle around till your feet meet and your legs are straight.

So you do that together – up, out, and down at the same time your heels drop, your feet turn out, and you come around with the feet. So it’s a synchronized type of movement between your arms and your legs. So that you get a little bit of push and propulsion going backwards. And you get a glide phase in there. So once you do the full cycle, you glide. Then you start the process over again.

Some common tips that I would recommend for people just learning the elementary backstroke is to make sure you still stay in a nice straight flat floating position on the water, the arms and legs do operate together, and that the arms and the legs are kept under the surface of the water.

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Last updated: 08.28.2018

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