Avoiding Injuries In Pickleball

A huge benefit of pickleball is the low risk of injury. Whereas with any sport, injury is possible, those who play pickleball worry less about getting hurt and more about how much fun they’re going to have!

The following is a transcript of the video:

Injury and pickleball it’s, uh … The biggest concern that you have is usually for beginner players. For example, somebody lobs over your head. You’re up here near the net and you run straight backwards. Possibility of breaking your wrist. Hitting your head.

There are very few injuries. I mean, the ball is pretty much a wiffle ball. So it travels a little bit … doesn’t travel nearly as fast as a tennis ball would. It really doesn’t hurt. The paddle, again, is relatively lightweight. That’s the one of the nice things about pickleball.


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Last updated: 10.30.2018

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