If You Think You Run Too Slow, Think Again!

It’s the central question of any serious runner. Do I run fast enough? Am I really getting the most out of my body? We have good news. According to a recent study, the answer is probably yes.

Born to Run…Literally

We know it’s the title of a very serious Bruce Springsteen song, and that song is about casting off the shackles of ordinary small town American life, not a statement of scientific fact. But as it turns out, it’s kind of both. Humans have been running since the very beginning moments of our species. In fact, one scientific theory holds that running forced primates to evolve into humans, rather than evolution forcing us to run.

“We are very confident that strong selection for running – which came at the expense of the historical ability to live in trees – was instrumental in the origin of the modern human body form,” University of Utah biologist Dennis Bramble told Science Daily in 2004.

If You Think You Run Too Slow Think Again CalloutThis means that running is one of the most natural things a person can do. In fact, it’s in our very DNA.

What That Means for Your Workout

That means you can relax. The running form — and pace that comes naturally to you — is most likely a great way for you to get the best out of your workout. A recent study written up by the New York Times even showed that taking people out of their strides produced worse workout results than letting bodies move how they may.

“This finding held true for both the experienced and inexperienced runners, and to about the same extent,” the Times reported. “Despite their inexperience, the novices instinctively chose their most efficient pace and stride at the start of the study.”

So if you think your running style needs to be corrected, you are probably wrong. Hit the pavement the way it feels natural! It’s probably the best way for you to run.

Last updated : 08.21.2017

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