Fall Prevention: Balance Exercises Part 1

In this first part of the series, Adrienne Jaworski, R.N. covers some simple balance exercises to help reduce your chances of having a fall. Part 2 appears here »

The following is a transcript of the video:

Back Leg Raise

So, how do we get our core strong and our legs strong? Well, these are some balance exercises that you can do at home, that will help with strengthening those muscles that keep us upright. The first one is called the back leg raise. And you always want to have a chair that you can hold onto. Now what this is is you’re actually pushing your leg back. You’re not bending the knee like this. You’re pushing your leg back.  And as you do that you are going to feel the tightness in your muscle all the way up here. And you hold it and then you bring it down. And try to do 10 reps on either side. The holding part is the part that is really going to tighten your muscles and get them strong. Because we need all of these muscles and all of these muscles to be able to keep ourselves upright. So, you will do one leg first – maybe 10 repetitions. And then you will do the other leg 10 repetitions. Right? Just slow. We can do it watching our favorite TV show … right? You got your chair. You got a great focal point. This is always important of balance exercises to have a focal point. And you can accomplish what you need to accomplish.

Balance Walk

The balance walk is a walk you can do, but you must hold onto the wall when you do it. I don’t know that picture is that clear, but she should be holding onto a wall. And what you’re going to do is this. You’re going to lift one leg up and put it right in front of the other, and then you’re going to lift another leg up and put it right in front of the other. It’s amazing what you’re going to feel as you do this. And again, you’re going to have a focal point – your focal point should be straight ahead of you. And that will help you stay strong. As you get better at it, maybe now I want to try taking my hand off, but I always have the wall or chair here to grab onto for safety.

Last updated: 05.04.2017

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