The Importance of Reaching Stage Four “REM” Sleep

Frank Melidona, DO, of The Villages Health®, describes Sleep Apnea and the importance of reaching Stage Four “REM” sleep.

The following is a transcription of the video: 

If you snore a lot or if you stop breathing while you’re sleeping, if you’re spouse tells you that you need to ask your doctor about that, so you may have something called sleep apnea, which is a very crucial thing. It can actually be a very important thing to understand and discover. You may need some help with that.

What you’re looking for is to get into that stage four restful sleep. And that’s called REM sleep. That’s where your body kind of rests and that’s where people dream, and so you should be heading towards that. And when people have a sleep study done, it’s always interesting for myself as a physician to look at the report and see how long it takes people to actually get to a stage four sleep. Some people take more than two or three hours to get to that sleep. And some people are very quick about it.

Last updated: 05.08.2017

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