The Benefits of Eye Research

Richard Hamilton, MD, of the Center for Retina & Macular Disease, discusses research taking place to study Macular Degeneration and suggests a way for patients to get involved in this research. 

The following is a transcription of the video: 

Dr. Hamilton:
I would like to touch on research. Although we’ve come along way, you may recall from one of my early remarks that 60%, maybe up to 60% of people, who have wet macular degeneration may likely maintain vision that’s good enough to read or drive. That’s not 100%. And we’d like to get there. And the only way we help the 40% who haven’t quite cleared that mark is to develop newer better treatments for this condition. There are many practices, ours included, that are very involved in research. And it’s important for individuals to have an open mind and a positive attitude about participating in clinical research. And it’s the efforts of those individuals today that will help future generations of patients who have the same conditions tomorrow.

(Host) Frank Lancione:
So, doctor, how would they get involved in research programs?

Dr. Hamilton:
Well, the first step is to get in contact with a practice that is involved in a lot of clinical trials. Not every practice participates in clinical trials. Frankly, it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work, it requires hiring new staff, having extra space in your building to commit to it. And one has to have a commitment as a professional to participate. So my opinion is getting in direct contact with the practices who are involved in research – is a good way to sort out whether or not there is an opportunity for you as a patient to participate in that process.

Learn More About Macular Degeneration.

The Amsler Grid is a chart used to test for Macular Degeneration. Download the chart (seen below) here to test yourself for Macular Degeneration.

normal amsler grid evergreen wellness

How a person who has normal vision sees the grid. Wikimedia Commons

amsler grid issue evergreen wellness

How a person with Macular Degeneration may see this grid. Wikimedia Commons

Last updated: 04.05.2018

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