How One Fashion Designer is Fighting for Greater Representation of Seniors in Style Shoots

When fashion designer Ari Seth Cohen was growing up, something confounded him. His best friend was his grandmother, Bluma. As he writes on his blog, Cohen was consistently blown away by his elderly grandmother’s “energy and attitude towards life.” Cohen was also interested in fashion. Yet whenever he rifled through fashion ads, he couldn’t help but notice that faces like his grandmother’s were hardly ever featured.

Solving the fashion representation of seniors problem

Cohen saw a problem, and he did something about it. He’s shot and posted hundreds of photos of senior models on his blog, Advanced Style. He’s published a book and a coloring book on the subject of senior empowerment in the fashion world. Quite simply, he’s started a trend. His site even claims that, “In 2015 New York Times fashion director, Vanessa Friedman, credited Cohen with helping to create the recent movement towards the fashion industry embracing older models.”

“I Wanted To Show That You Can Be Stylish, Creative And Vital At Any Age.” -Ari Seth Cohen

“I wanted to show that you can be stylish, creative and vital at any age.” -Ari Seth Cohen

The Advanced Style site is a great resource for fashion tips, tricks, and inspiration. Almost every day, Cohen posts a new picture of an empowered elderly person rocking a fresh outfit. On April 20, for example, he posted a picture of Alida Ruben as she sported a slick ensemble that consisted of a black turtleneck, black pants, and white sweater tied around the waist. Her sunglasses, square earrings, and circular necklace gave great symmetry to the ensemble, and she’s smiling like she knows she looks great.

Whether you read the site for style ideas or just to remind yourself that a person of any age can look vivacious and vigorous, Advanced Style is undoubtedly a force for good in the fashion world. If every designer were Ari Seth Cohen, the pictures we see would represent who we are a little better.

Photo Credits: Advanced Style

Last updated: 05.24.2017

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