Joy Hates Cooking A Four-Bean Tortellini Salad

There’s not much to cook in this tortellini salad recipe, other than the tortellini itself, but there’s plenty to annoy Joy Dudis,“The Pink Lady,” nonetheless. The value of hating cooking for Joy is she finds all the nice shortcuts to create delicious recipes without all the fuss.

For this recipe, you’ll need a can of four beans (which is just an expression, it’s not really just four beans) and toss the beans into a large bowl. Pesto is part of the recipe, too … yum!

She adds the drained beans, a carton of pre-cut, tri-colored peppers, and a cup of already chopped red onions. Next, she adds the tortellini, which she cooked earlier. She stirs everything up and adds the dressing. It’s ready to serve.

About Joy Dudis, “The Pink Lady”

Joy doesn’t really hate to cook. She just loves her busy lifestyle so much, she likes to keep things easy – starting with her time in the kitchen.

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Last updated: 11.20.2017

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