Here are 5 of our favorite April Fool’s Day Pranks

Ah, April Fool’s Day. Depending on your taste for pranking, you may wonder whether the prankster or the victim is the titular fool. At any rate, when pranks are done with a good deal of care and thought, they can be good fun for both mark and perpetrator. Here is the definitive list of the five best April Fool’s Day Pranks.

1. Some sort of food replacement trickery

This prank is timeless, elegant, and it’s almost impossible to hurt any feelings. Whether it’s replacing mashed potatoes for ice cream in a sundae or icing for cheese in a grilled cheese, the moment when your loved one realizes he or she has bitten off more than he or she bargained to chew is simply priceless.

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2. Something involving doors and liquid

This one can take on a variety of forms. Placing a water bucket between the wall and a door cracked ajar for an unsuspecting entrant can be hilarious, even if it’s a little overdone. (Beware of cell phone destruction, though!) You can also involve the prankster’s favorite volatile chemical reaction: that between coke and mentos. As this video demonstrates, rig a mentos to not quite touch the liquid in a bottle of soda and wait for the unsuspecting victim to open it.

3. Saran wrap + bathroom = magic

Whether you’re wrapping a toilet or preventing a friend from dispensing soap, saran wrap can be a great curveball to throw at any friend. A cousin of this prank—and a splendid one, at that—is painting your loved one’s bar of soap with clear nail polish. This is April Fool’s Day! It’s no time for hygiene!

Saran Wrap Plastic Wrap April Fools Day Prank Evergreen Wellness

4. Messin’ with the ride

You can turn on someone’s windshield wipers. (Mild.) You can use our good friend saran wrap to make it slightly harder for them to enter their vehicle. (Medium.) You can cut up a bunch of paper and put it in their air conditioning vent, and then turn the fan up to high. (Spicy). You can put post it notes on their entire car, inside and out. (Extra spicy.)

5. Loosening the salt shaker

Just kidding! This prank is such a cliché! We’re sure you have something better, so share your favorite prank with us in the comments section.

Salt Shaker April Fools Day Prank Evergreen Wellness

Last updated: 04.03.2017

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