95-Year-Old Pat Boss: Never Too Old to Bowl

Pat Boss, 95-years-old, is living proof of the old adage that attitude is everything.

Born in 1922, Pat continues to be an avid bowler. She considers herself a happy person who loves to bowl. She learned to bowl when she was 17, enjoying the sport with her father. Pat remembers a happy childhood in which her grandmother would make her breakfast every day, but she also remembers having to milk four cows before walking four miles to school each day.

Pat says of happiness, “If you’re not happy, everyone is grumpy. If you look around and the grass is green and the trees are green and the flowers are blooming and you’re still not happy, look at yourself on the inside and see what you’re doing wrong. You’ve got to work it out or get some help.”

Last updated: 08.08.2017

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