Three Awesome Examples of Older Adults Smashing Stereotypes

We’ve all seen the caricatures: Grandpa Simpson forgetting his name; Mr. Magoo forgetting his glasses; the internet forgetting its sense of decency. (Just kidding! The internet never had a sense of decency.)
We’re here to tell you that they’re wrong. Older people are not slow witted or less observant. They aren’t vapid or out of touch or backwards. They can be. We all can be. But none of these traits are necessitated by aging. We know it, and some age-defying seniors know it, too. Here are three awesome examples of older folks smashing stereotypes.
1 Lloyd Kahn 80 Year Old Skateboarder Callout
Have you ever actually tried to stand up on a moving skateboard? Well, neither did Lloyd Kahn until he was 65, old enough to qualify for Social Security benefits without any of the special waivers. When the Huffington Post interviewed him in 2011, Kahn was not thinking of quitting anytime soon, either. “I’m not giving up skating as long as I can walk,” he told them then. “I’m gonna keep at it!”

Unfortunately, Mr. Kahn’s skating career came to an abrupt end after a 2015 accident. “I promised myself to quit if I ever had a serious crash,” he wrote on his blog soon after he was forced off of his beloved board. But Lloyd Kahn began and quit skating on his own terms — and he smashed a few stereotypes in the process.
2 Lata 65 The Word's Oldest Graffiti Gang Callout
Looking to shatter some stereotypes of the over 55 crowd? Join up with some of raddest folks Europe has to offer. According to the Independent, a group of older adults on the streets of Portugal are painting the streets red — with paint. “The organisation, which is based in Lisbon, offers senior citizens the chance to turn into street artists; and the workshops have become extremely popular in the city,” the article reads. When one thinks of a street artist, one doesn’t picture an older adult. Maybe we all have some rethinking to do!
3 Duan Tzinfu The 73 Year Old Maestro Of-Flexibility Callout
One thing our society does not associate with getting older? Flexibility. Particularly when, as in the case of Duan Tzinfu, one spends his whole life working at a glass production plant. But stereotypes are meant to be broken! Check out this amazing picture of the remarkably pliable Tzinfu, courtesy of The Independent. Somehow, he hasn’t broken any bones, but he sure has smashed a stereotype or two.

Last updated: 08.11.2017

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