How One Podcast is Helping Millions Explore Happiness

I don’t know if you’ve gotten into them, but podcasts have totally changed the radio game. Like most technological advancements in media, the form has allowed the listener to wrest control of content from the advertiser. You no longer have to sit through tedious commercial breaks to hear the shows you love the most. Simply click, tap, or download at your pleasure.

Podcasts have the power to inform, entertain, or even — as in the case of Gretchen Rubin’s groundbreaking podcast — inspire. Let’s give Rubin’s podcast a closer look. You might see why we think it stands out.

An Inspirational Figure

For starters, there aren’t too many Gretchen Rubins in the world. As a former editor of the Yale Law Review, she’s an intellectual heavyweight — but it’s her emotional intelligence that sets her apart. Rubin has dedicated much of her brilliant mind to exploring what makes people happy. She’s written literal volumes on the subject of happiness, and millions of people have flocked to bookstores (OK fine, let’s be real: to get a slice of her wisdom.

Rubin’s secret sauce is the habit. Her website calls a habit the “invisible architecture of a happy life,” and she tries to get us to understand ourselves so we can know how to mold our habits in a way that will make us feel fulfilled and balanced. She’s sold millions of books, met Oprah and the Dalai Lama, and now, well, she’s got a podcast.

How One Podcast Is Helping Millions Explore Happiness Callout

An Accessible Conversation about Happiness

And what a podcast it is! We get to hear about happiness not in opaque, nebulous terms, but in the form of a digestible, humorous conversation between two sisters who clearly love each other. Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth, a TV writer in Los Angeles, do the podcast together at least once a week even though they live on opposite sides of the country.

One satisfied customer of Gretchen and Elizabeth’s summarized the podcast this way in an article for Buzzfeed: “I decided to try the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast because it seemed like a more digestible way to consume life and productivity advice. It turns out that this format works so much better for me! The advice is actually fairly unexpected, and it’s helpful to hear it talked through. After listening, I feel immediately inspired to try tiny new things (like setting an alarm for bedtime to remind me to shut off my phone and go to sleep).”

Need more convincing? In a recent episode titled “Shield yourself from worry,” the sisters did what they always do. They broke down the week’s concept, worry, using examples from their own lives. As successful women in media, they live busy, often stressful lives. The sisters boil down large concepts using the seemingly mundane: they discuss the merits of adopting puppies and brand new white t shirts in order to get listeners to understand the elusive concept of happiness. It’s listenable, fun, and free. Check it out today!

Last updated: 08.14.2017

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