Lifelong Learning at The Villages®: Why You Need to Participate

Lifelong learning has become a major part of continuing education around the United States. Studies show that about half of American adults are enrolled in lifelong learning in some form or fashion. Lifelong learning is the process of exercising the mind throughout all stages of life by engaging in the expansion of personal knowledge. While this type of learning doesn’t necessarily have to be done in a classroom, The Villages® does offer its own lifelong learning program. The Villages® Lifelong Learning College (TVLLC) offers a wide variety of courses that allow students to enrich both their minds and bodies.

About The Villages® Lifelong Learning College

about-the-villages-lifelong-learning-collegeJust as learning isn’t limited to the mind, TVLLC feels that its students should have access to classes that allow for bodily enrichment as well. With classes that range anywhere from technology to dancing, there is a variety of choices for both residents and non-residents of The Villages®. They have also partnered with The Villages® Recreation Department so that students can implement what they learn in class in various activities. TVLLC also provides opportunities to participate in field trips and sit in on speeches from special speakers. Located within The Villages High School, TVLLC is equipped with real-life classrooms and expert instructors. Getting started is as easy as a simple registration!

Why Should You Participate in Lifelong Learning?

why-should-you-participate-in-lifelong-learningLifelong learning helps to maintain knowledge. For those of you who have grown within one area of expertise, it’s a great way to stay current in your field. It also helps to exercise memory, allowing for your mind to stay in shape. Not only does it maintain knowledge, but allows for new discoveries and information as well. This is where lifelong learning helps to expand the mind. The social piece is a pretty great seller, too.  Lifelong learning, especially in classroom settings, allows for you to socialize with those who share your intellectual interests. It’s a great way to meet new people by not only expanding your mind, but your social circle as well.

Health Benefits of Keeping Your Mind Sharp

health-benefits-of-keeping-your-mind-sharpKeeping the mind in its best possible shape, especially as an adult 55 or older, is one of the best ways to prevent mental illness or deterioration over time. According to Judson Smart Living, “cognitively active seniors, whose average age was 80, were 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia than seniors with less cognitive activity”. Plus, expanding the mind and keeping it active helps with emotional well-being as you age. Participating in physical education is an option, too. For example, the hippocampus, (the area of the brain where learning takes place and our memory is stored) tends to shrink by two percent annually in those with dementia. This process can be stopped and reversed by engaging in physical activity. A study done by Art Kramer, of the University of Illinois, showed that those who participated in modest aerobic activity can increase the size of their hippocampus. That being said, lifelong learning doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around core subjects, but can take place through physical education as well, and can have some really amazing benefits on your mental health!

Last updated: 03.22.2018

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