What Is Ego? Get Over Yourself.

Pari A. Deshmukh, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist explains what is meant by your ego and how meditation helps you let go of your ego, so you can be your best self.

The following is a transcript of the video:

A simple definition of ego means, “I.” So, when we say “I exist” – that is ego.

So anything that comes out of this “I,”I am a great person,” or “I’m a poor person. I’m a good person. I’m a bad person.” Or “I’m a kind person.” Wherever this “I” comes, that’s ego.

So let’s say I am a doctor with a car and with a bungalow and with a family of five people. Then that means, “I am a car.” “I’m with a car.” “I’m with family.” “I’m with a bungalow.” So, lot of coatings of “I-I-I.” So that boosts our ego. More and more ego. More and more “I.”

What we are learning in meditation, is how to let go of this “I.” How to let go of this ego and to remind ourselves what we really are inside us, which is a pure consciousness. Or pure being. Or God, if we can say that as the most pure consciousness. That, we remind ourselves, that that is our true nature.

And this all this “I,” these are just existing, so that I can survive in this world and do my responsibilities. And this “I” do help me. So ego does help me to make decisions. To take on actions. But when this becomes excessive, that’s where the problem starts. That’s where we want “I deserve respect,” or “you should listen to me,” or “I am right,” and then we enforce that to others. And we take on those actions. And that leads to chaos.

So we have to learn who we really are. Which is, we all are same in a sense. What the essence of life in the next person is the essence of life in you, essence life in me is same. So, if we can learn that, then everybody is same. It’s just that we have defined other roles in this life that we have to fulfill.

So this ego gets refined all the time.


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Last updated : 11.21.2018

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