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In this video, Tai Chi instructor Harry Smith introduces Tai Chi for Beginners – the ancient practice of Tai Chi, a meditative exercise – once used in self-defense – that focuses on slow, gentle movements and breathing to promote calmness, body balance, and circulation.

The following is a transcription of the video: 

So, Tai Chi is a practice, originally from China, that originated as a form of self-defense.

It’s generally a series of movements that are practiced in one continuously flowing series, from beginning to end. There are shorter series, like the eight movements that we do in our introductory class. And then there’s longer series up to 108 movements. And each movement itself has a martial arts component or self-defense component.

But these days, very few people practice it for self-defense. But over the years, they’ve found that people who do Tai Chi get a lot of health benefits from it. And that’s how it has become popular in the modern age.

Let’s Get Your Moves On and Learn More about Tai Chi!

Last updated: 12.03.2018

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