Tai Chi Helps You Improve Your Balance

Tai Chi instructor Harry Smith emphasizes the benefit of improved balance through the practice of Tai Chi.

The following is a transcription of the video: 

Well, I think seniors especially are helped by Tai Chi from improved balance. And that’s the number one thing that my students report back to me – is that they feel their balance improves.

When we’re doing Tai Chi, we’re always trying to focus on our center of gravity. Knowing where our center of gravity is over one foot or the other. Having good posture. And when we step, we take a step without putting weight on it. And then gradually shift the weight onto that foot. Which is kind of the opposite of normal walking.

But it’s one of the things that really helps develop your connection with the ground. And through doing that, we develop a greater awareness of our center of gravity and are able to move with better balance and better posture.

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Last updated: 12.10.2018

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