Listen to Your Body about What Yoga is Right For You

Dr. Laura Cloukey, DO, Medical Director for The Villages Health, describes how you should discover what yoga is right for you.

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The following is a transcript of the video:

Yoga class is the perfect place to learn your spatial connection to yourself. And you have to use your mind to figure out where you are. And so that’s probably one of the better classes that I would think of taking to know where you are in space and time.

There’s other much more advanced things you can do. Riding horses for example. Cross fit, etc. But, until you understand what your aptitude is. Until you understand what your fitness level is. Because safety first. It’s just finding out who you are and what decade you’re in. 40 is different from 50, is different from 60, 70, and 80. You have to follow your body.

You can’t just make it into something that it was once upon a time, that was a fond memory for you. People sort of take their body for granted.

It’s kind of like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s just a habit. And your body gets into its own ergonomic habits, as well. It’s going to put itself in its dysfunctional pattern, because that’s what’s most comfortable.

But that doesn’t always mean that’s what’s best for you.


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Last updated: 01.05.2019

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