Take Small Steps to Lose Weight

It’s important to take small steps to lose weight. Something you can stick with and make a permanent part of your lifestyle. Many fad diets only have short term results, so be sure to find something that works (and will continue working) for you.

The following is a transcript of the video:

When you find out you’re overweight, which a lot of people are, you know, it starts with taking small steps. So, setting reasonable, realistic goals, which is typically only about 1 to 2 pound weight loss a week.

If the weight comes off too fast – often times it’s either fluid-related or you’re doing something extreme. Which means that the weight is going to come back as soon as you stop doing that.

So, taking small steps to lose weight, trying to adapt healthier eating habits, increasing your exercise, making a plan – all of those things can help you take the small steps to just get a little bit of weight off, but in a consistent manner.

Rapid weight loss usually means that you’re doing something extreme like a fad diet or you’ve cut out carbohydrates all together or you’re doing some kind of cleanse where you’re not really eating food -and those things aren’t effective long term.

If you think about not ever being able to eat a piece of bread or a potato again or living off of a juice cleanse for the rest of your life, that really leads to no quality of life. Most people can’t do it. So as soon as they stop that and start eating regularly again, tthe weight comes back. S Sometimes even more weight than you started.


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Last updated: 06.19.2019

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