Losing Weight Fast vs. Permanently

by Jaime Brenkus

Ahhhh, patience. You need to manage to be patient enough to get some big changes to happen. You have to remember that meaningful change isn’t an eight week challenge. It’s more likely eight months of intense work to see big changes for any kind of lofty goal.

New research suggests it’s a choice you’ll have to make. You can’t have both.

There are problems when you lose weight fast and furiously, as contestants on The Biggest Loser do. It may lead to major health concerns like gout, kidney stones, and gallstones.

Permanent weight loss is typically slow, and consists of a healthy eating plan with moderate exercise. Fast weight loss usually means intense hunger, excessive exercise, and a body that ultimately rebels. And, it will rebel.

Fast Weight Loss

In addition to health concerns, crash diets and rapid weight loss can thrust your body into starvation mode, and your body’s not happy about that. You go wild with hunger. You have a huge desire to binge.


Plus, your body starts clinging to whatever calories do come in. Rapid weight loss, in short, may dramatically slow down your metabolism. In fact, that’s exactly what new research on people on The Biggest Loser found. The rate at which they burned calories plummeted. This happens because rapid weight loss beats up your body composition. The percentage of your body that is fat shoots up, and the percentage that is lean, calorie-burning muscle falls.

So, rather than asking, “How fast can I lose weight?,” the much more important question is: “How can I lose weight safely and permanently?”

Permanent Weight Loss

The best and scientifically-supported way to lose weight safely and permanently is with proper fitness and sound nutrition, which means you’ll be eating a lot of good food that fills you up, staving off hunger and binges, but for the lowest calorie cost.

Your fitness should be slowly but surely to build muscle and burn fat. That’s really important. With more muscle, you have a higher metabolic rate, which can help tremendously in shedding weight–and keeping it off.

Last updated: 09.22.2018

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and it is not meant to be relied on as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult your physician before starting any exercise or dietary program or taking any other action respecting your health. In case of a medical emergency, call 911.

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