Spice Up Your Marriage With a Little Variety

Anyone can tell you that a good marriage takes a healthy dose of work. Marriage requires you to work and grow independently, yet together with another person. It’s a delicate balancing act even for those of us who have found our soulmates. No matter how much you love your partner, it can be difficult to keep things from getting stale.

Scientists have discovered the reason behind that stale feeling, and it has everything to do with brain chemistry. According to the New York Times, “As you trigger and amp up [a] reward system in the brain that is associated with romantic love, it’s reasonable to suggest that it’s enabling you to feel more romantic love.” If you aren’t rewarding your brain with these sort of special occasions, though, it can be easy for you to fall into a sort of malaise. The perfect way to avoid that? Spice up your marriage with some special dates! Here are some ideas for fun, spicy occasions with the one you love:

Go to an amusement park

Ferris Wheel IconThere’s something for everyone at an amusement park. Whether you seek G-force thrills, live entertainment, or even educational opportunities, you are basically guaranteed to have fun at an amusement park. (It’s right there in the name!) Perfect way to spice up your marriage.

Go on a trip

Airplane IconWe at Evergreen Wellness are big fans of travel. A change of scenery can give an entirely new, revitalizing context to your relationship. Even if you only travel a few miles, a quick jaunt could be just what you need to spice up your marriage.

Have a novel intellectual experience

Movie Film IconThe spice of variety doesn’t even require that you leave home! Read a new book with your partner, watch a new nature television series (Planet Earth II is particularly amazing), or watch a great film. Then discuss what you’ve seen or read. Seeing your partner grow into a new intellectual experience teaches you about him or her and about your relationship.

Surprise your partner

Serve Dinner IconEven if the surprise is that you’re taking him or her to dinner, a change in the normal routine can help spice up your marriage. Variety is the name of the game; if you keep it spicy, you can get the most out of your marriage.

Last updated: 03.31.2017

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