3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage

Anyone who has been lucky enough to find themselves in a healthy, committed, long-term relationship knows how wonderful it can be. Growing and experiencing life with a loved one by your side is simply priceless. But sometimes, it can be difficult to tell how healthy a relationship is. Most relationships eventually fall into certain patterns and rhythms, and it can be challenging for those who are used to the routines of love to determine how they are objectively affected by their bond with their partner.Luckily, we, along with science, are here to help. Here are three ways to ensure your marriage is as healthy as it can be.

1. Never stop experiencing new things with your partner.

One of the most significant wedges in failed marriages is the proverbial “lack of spice.” As any cliche movie or television show depicts, It can be easy to form unimaginative habits as you grow with your spouse. But as scientific evidence shows, it’s very important to avoid this temptation. Art Aron, a professor of psychology at SUNY Stony Brook, may have put it best in this quote from a piece done by ABC.

3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage-1. Never stop experiencing new things with your partner

“Boredom undermines closeness, which in turn undermines satisfaction,” he wrote. Go camping. See a movie together. Take a drive — anything to strengthen your bond with your partner through shared experience.

2. Do not overreact to bickering.

This tip works in the short term, but it’s most useful in a larger sense. As this article from the website run by the legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey states, studies have shown that argumentative married couples are no less likely to have a strong bond than those that do not bicker.

3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage-2. Do not overreact to bickering

As long as they remain constructive, arguments can serve as an important form of communication in a marriage. As one expert quoted in the Oprah piece said it, “We need to learn to tolerate conflict in our relationships.” Unspoken problems often fester, leading to deep unhappiness that is harder to navigate.

3. Touch each other.

Physical intimacy is a hugely underrated aspect of a healthy marriage. Physical contact, particularly that of a non-romantic nature, is often suppressed by our society, but health professional stress the importance of touching in expressing love.

3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage-3. Touch each other

Studies have shown that young infants who are not held can develop developmental problems. Our need for physical affection doesn’t merely vanish when we get older. Want to show your loved one your affection? Touch away.

Last updated: 06.30.2017

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