How One Doctor is Trying To Figure Out The Key to a Successful Over 60 Romance

One of the most under-studied aspects of human interaction is the over 60 romance. People are living longer than they ever have, and science is just catching up with the brave new world of advanced romance. But some researchers are working tirelessly to unlock the secrets of the successful relationship. One of them is Dr. Jacquelyn Benson at the University of Missouri. Her research is truly groundbreaking and insightful. Here’s a sample of some of Dr. Benson’s work:

Leading the charge at the Love After 60 Lab: Dr. Jacquelyn Benson

Doing long distance over 60

One of her lab’s major studies is called, “Living Together Apart.” It explores the dynamics of a relationship in which the couple is emotionally committed, but living in different homes. According to the lab’s website, the research team is looking for subjects who, among other possible situations, have partners who have “experienced an adverse change in health status” and those who “are providing care.” If you’re interested in being interviewed for the study, go to this website. We await the results.

Committed, but not married over 60

Benson’s other major line of research has to do with the over 60 couple that does not marry, but stays committed to one another. According to Benson’s website, “We want to learn about unmarried couples who live together (i.e., cohabit) as well as unmarried couples who live apart, called ‘living apart together.’”

This research could have any number of benefits. We might learn more about the unique joys of over 60 romance. We might learn about the challenges involved in starting a life with someone else late in life. The consequences could have to do with physical health, mental health, wellness, and building strong relationships. We commend Dr. Benson for her research, and we look forward to reading it.

Last updated: 07.26.2017

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