Here’s Why Retirement Might Be The Best Thing For Your Marriage

Retirement is a challenging period of transition for anybody. It’s almost like you’ve won the lottery, but instead of copious amounts of money, you’ve been given oodles of free time. How does one adjust to such a largesse?

The problem is compounded when you add a marriage to the mix. Most married couples that include at least one retired person participated for years in a pretty set routine. One or both of the married people attended to a career, and they both supported the other in his/her endeavors. As Anthonia Akitunde of the Huffington Post writes, when formalized endeavors are taken out of the picture, marriages can suffer:

“Some couples are not prepared for the realities of being around their spouse more often,” she put it.

But that doesn’t have to be you. In fact, here’s how retirement can be the best thing to happen to a marriage.

You get to discover a new side of the person you love the most

As we’ve said before, people are infinitely interesting. Retirement may be a disruption in the routine you’ve established with your partner, but it’s also an opportunity for you to see him or her in a different light. After many years of marriage, there aren’t many ways to do this. Retirement can be beautiful in this way, if you stay flexible and keep an open mind. If you’re ready to see the new, beautiful multitudes of the one you love, you will.

You get to do the things you’ve always wanted to do with the person who matters most

Whether it’s a trip to Paris or a quick trip to a park in the next county, you can travel with your partner. Whether it’s a trip to the fanciest restaurant in town or Applebee’s, you can dine out with your partner. Whether it’s Citizen Kane or Fast and The Furious 8, you can watch the movies you always wanted to watch with your partner. Retirement means the end of a career, sure, but it also means the beginning of new and exciting possibilities. Those possibilities are the perfect breeding ground for new and exciting wrinkles—no pun intended—in a storied romance.

Retirement is a big change, but change isn’t always bad. Embrace your new life with your partner, and retirement might just be the best thing that ever happened to your marriage.

Last updated: 06.01.2017

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