How Technology Changes Us As We Enter Our Golden Years

No matter how old you are, technological advances has a major impact on the way you live your life. The way you interact with the people around you, the extent to which you value in-person relationships, and even your relationship expectations are all shaped by technology.

Yet it is quite possible that older adults are most affected by the rapid shift in technology. This makes sense intuitively: the longer a person has spent alive, the smaller a proportion of their life they’ve spent with a given technological advance. Twitter has been around for ten years. To a 20-year-old, that’s half a lifetime. To a 70-year-old, that’s probably not even half a marriage. Older adults have a lot to teach the rest of us about how changes in technology alter the way we view the world. If we take a close look at how technology changes us as we enter our golden years, we might be able to shed real light on a topic that affects every living person.

Technology isolates

Whether we want to admit it or not, it’s true. And according to a study written up in the Telegraph, technology doesn’t just isolate by making us less likely to personally interact with one another. If some groups of people are not tuned into certain forms of technology, information can be harder to get. As we get older and become (generally) less in tune with rapidly changing sources of information, we can become sectioned off by society. Pay attention to how you get your information sources. It shapes the way you view the world more than you think.


Then again, technology isolates!

The proliferation of information brought on by technology surely poses challenges. But perhaps even more challenging to our collective humanity is the basic idea that technology separates us from one another. As this Wall Street Journal story writes, “we spend so much time maintaining superficial connections online that we aren’t dedicating enough time or effort to cultivating deeper real-life relationships.”

We couldn’t have put it better. But this is one advantage the oldest and wisest generation has on everyone else: they have spent the fewest amount of time out of anyone isolated by technology. If you have a conversation from someone from the Greatest Generation, you just might relearn what it means to have a conversation in the first place.

Last updated: 12.03.2018

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